Wrong Narratives

I’m an extrovert, but I used to get very frustrated with people. I couldn’t stand many. I was bothered by facades, masks and the unauthentic. My eyes have almost rolled out of my head at superficial Christianity and community.

I kept checking my ‘perspective’ since that’s what is always taught. Change your perspective…… take thoughts captive (which we should)…… think differently….etc.

Somehow, I was always running with the wrong narrative in my head, no matter how many times I tried to change my perspective.

One day several years ago, after a small group meeting at my house, I asked the Lord “why can’t I love people the way you do? Why can’t I see people the way you do?”

That’s when He downloaded some revelation. “You can’t love and see people the way I do because you can’t love and see yourself the way I love and see you.” Woah.

It was like a light switch went on in my heart.

We always talk and teach about perspective, but there is a missing piece, there is a step BEFORE we think about things and determine narratives and beliefs.


We take in information through our senses, but most of what we think about is determined by how we see it.

Perception is how you see things. Perspective is how you think about things. If you can’t see things clearly, you will never think about things correctly; and you will always run with the wrong narrative in your heart and mind…..which flows out of your mouth.

There are 5 hindrances to our perception:

  1. Assumptions– When we make assumptions, we empower an unknown as truth. The majority of the time these unknowns are actually untrue. So basically we empower lies, build cases and run with it. That’s a blurry lens to look through.
  2. Trauma/Pain– Pain has the power to challenge your core beliefs. Pain makes you question truth. Wounds and offense invite you to remain a victim. It’s a different fuzzy lens to look through. Look at John the Baptist, he baptized Jesus, saw a dove come down from heaven and heard an audible voice- yet, he sent his disciples to question if Jesus was the one, while he was in prison.
  3. False Identity– If we don’t know who we are, then we can’t see things clearly. That leads to wrong thinking and feeds the false identity.
  4. Generational/Cultural– Our “God concept” is shaped in our early years. I always say how you parent your children shapes their view of God. Another fuzzy lens.
  5. Bitterness/Unforgiveness– The problem with forgiveness is when you don’t understand it, you can’t apply it and walk in it. We tell people to get rid of bitterness, but if we can’t fully comprehend it, you can’t remove it and that’s frustrating. Bitterness remains because of 1 or 2 things. First is an insatiable desire to answer the question “Why?”. The second is the insatiable desire for justice, but what it actually is, is revenge. We make ourselves believe we are about justice, when it’s actually revenge wearing a justice disguise. That is like trying to look through a blurry & cracked lens.

Be Transformed

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