She is Resilient! Podcast

A podcast for real women. On the She is Resilient! podcast, I gather real women who have been knocked down by life…and got back up. You will be encouraged as you listen to the stories of women like you who have been through some hard stuff; sharing how they are now walking in freedom and wholeness.

She is Resilient! Course

In this online course, I walk you through the steps to living a resilient life. Resilience is a skill you learn and cultivate. I teach you how to cultivate this skill through identifying lies, addressing fear, choosing forgiveness, finding hope, reframing difficulties and regulating emotions.

Private Coaching Sessions

Limited private coaching sessions are available through Zoom after you have completed the online course. In these sessions, we will work together on goal planning and moving forward in living a resilient life.

Being set free and walking in freedom are not the same. The first one was done for us by Jesus, but the second one we must choose to do ourselves in His strength and by His grace.

Christine Caine